Clinical evaluations of cosmetics and supplements, in particular: efficacy assessments (hydration, sebometry, soothing, elasticity, skin collagen, antioxidant capacity), safety assessments (patch test, PAO, tests nickel), home-friendly tests on appropriately selected consumer panel.

In vitro evaluations to provide information relating to the safety profile and functionality of the finished cosmetic product, in particular microbiological analysis and stability studies, useful especially in the development phase of the product or as a screening test on raw materials in order to select the active principle with the best tolerability and efficacy profile.

Processing and realization of customized and specific protocols in vitro and in vivo for the evaluation of effectiveness of cosmetics and supplements.
Evaluation of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in vivo and in vitro UVA using ISO protocol.

Execution of analysis and tests for quality control, in particular in vitro tests for the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of raw materials and finished products.