Riconoscimenti e risultati importanti

  • 2003 – Ambrosialab originate from an idea by Stefano Manfredini and Silvia Vertuani as a University of Ferrara spinoff company.
  • 2005 – Applied research results on vitamins become ready for licensing already developed 100% in terms of stability, safety and efficacy, with a scale-up industrial study up to 100 kg. Ready to be transferred to the market. Ambrosialab Vitamins are licensed to Vermont Italia company.
  • 2006 – Sustainability in science: applied research to NON TIMBER FOREST approaches results on Baobab Project, co-developed with Baobab Fruit Company, in Senegal, Baobab enter the Italian market.
  • 2007 – The Ambrosialab booster technology is awarded by the Prevedello prize. The “booster” based products are licensed to IDI-Farmaceutici.
  • 2008 The Project “Cosmesi degli Estensi” is licensed to Municipality of Ferrara. Products of “Giardino di Lucrezia” are Manufactered in Ferrara and launched to the market.
  • 2008 – The Baobab pulp is approved as novel food by EFSA
  • 2008 Filed the patent application of nutritional supplement for strengthening the immune defenses, for the treatment of dermatitis, in particular atopic dermatitis
  • 2009 – Cosmetogenic approach (GENIAC), co-developed by Ambrosialab and NGB genetics, is presented to te Scientific Community
  • 2009Filed the patent application for “Extracts obtained from hoodia gordonii cells lines, their preparation and use”
  •  2010 – The Baobab is approved as GRAS and fully certified organic
  • 2011 Filed the patent application on the new anhydrous vehicles without silicones
  • 2012 Filed the patent application on dualistic molecules
  • 2015 Prize SICC Luigi Carinelli to Food-Grade Technology