Storia dell’azienda

Ambrosialab is a research spinoff of the University of Ferrara, which holds 10% of the share capital. The R&D works in the field of life sciences and biotechnology, founded in 2003, on the initiative of Prof. Stefano Manfredini and Prof. Silvia Vertuani, after undergoing university incubation is now placed at its own facility near the University campus of Life, Health and Environment Sciences of the city of Ferrara. The location of the new headquarters, open in 2010, allows an effective interchange between the activities of research and development conducted by his staff, and the activities of basic research at the University, which acts as a driving force for technological innovation. Ambrosialab develops and produces prototypes of health products and drugs, in the field of degenerative diseases, aging and maintenance of health, from innovative concepts, often unique, patented, passing from their design to the implementation of small pilot production, required for the checks of efficacy and stability. The prototypes are then developed and marketed by partner companies. Ambrosialab supports, through Scholarships and Research Grants, the basic university research in the area of ​​oxidative stress and its related products. The strength of Ambrosialab resides in the network of industrial productive partnerships, in Italy and abroad. Ambrosialab also takes care of the QA steps and efficiency, necessary for the production phase and commercial products developed at its partner companies. These networks are increasingly consolidated over the years of activity. Its prime location in the university area but close to the motorway link and rail, are ideal for an effective technological exchange to its institutional partners.