Health & Wellness Research



Research and development of new ingredients, prototypes and finished products, regulatory assistance

Supplements and functional foods

Active ingredients research and product design. Regulatory support


Search and selection of raw materials with mechanism consistent with the definition of MD.


Clinical evaluations on cosmetic products and supplements.


Consultancy in the patents field, patent search and filling of patent applications.

scientific activity

Contract researcher and scientific support in pharmaceutic, cosmetic and nutrition.

Regulatory activity

Regulatory assistance in pharmaceutical, cosmetical and nutritional fields

The company

A simple and intuitive design for an effective product

Our company is able to provide comprehensive assistance in all project development phases: clinical validation of the designed formulas, development of the prototype, stability and efficacy assessments, training of employees responsible for scientifical product marketing.

Ambrosialab is for client companies an extremely competent external partner, which makes use of a set of resources, tools and cutting-edge technologies from the entire university network.

Ambrosialab also provides R & D support through which you can have the full know-how necessary to the creation and marketing of your product.

  • Trading Partners

    Ambrosialab licenced:
    Italy, Russia, California, Germany and Austria

  • Manufacturing partner

    of raw materials:
    Italy, Corea, Senegal

  • Manufacturing partner

    for the finished product:
    Italy, Switzerland, Russia

our staff

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paola ziosi

R&D cosmesis Manager
Paola Ziosi, graduated in 1999 in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology and specialized in Cosmetic Science in 2002, is currently in charge of research and development laboratory of Ambrosialab
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Sonia molesini

R&D supplements and MD Manager
Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Master in Forensic Sciences and specializes in the assessment of cosmetics safety. Currently is in charge of regulatory activities, the design and implementation of effective testing and scientific consultancy
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Eleonora lodi

Prototype developement laboratory
Eleonora Lodi, graduated in sciences and technologies of dietary and herbal cosmetic products. She is responsible for the preparation of cosmetic products.
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Carmen Di Pinto

Regulatory affairs office
Carmen Di Pinto, graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in March 2015 with an experimental work regarding Synthesis of bioactive molecules. Qualified Pharmacist. Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology.
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silvia bolognesi

Administrative manager
Graduated in Economics from the University of Bologna, in Ambrosialab deals with administration, personnel management, customer and supplier relationships.
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Stefano Manfredini

CFO and Scientific Director
Stefano Manfredini is a professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, President of the School of Pharmacy and Health Products, Director of the Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara, Italy.
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Silvia Vertuani

Deputy CFO and Scientific Director
Silvia Vertuani, Ph.D. in Cosmetic Science, Specialist in Cosmetic Science and Technology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology, University of Ferrara, Faculty of Pharmacy.


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